Things to think about before transitioning.
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Things to think about before transitioning.

             Hello Lovelies :)
I said last week that I will be talking about natural hair.Just encase you may have forgotten I have been natural now for 3 years well 4 years on the 16th(time seriously flies by). During these 3-4 yrs, I have tried numerous products( there are still more out there that I would like to try),watched a lot of youtube videos and have read a bunch of natural hair blogs. This is not to say I am some expert or anything (that would be my sis KD) because I am not BUT I am capable of helping out when you are having a natural hair crisis because I have been through it, read about it or seen it. I want to start this week's topic off with what to expect when deciding to go natural. Yes I know you would assume that I would dive right into all the different curl patterns, tips and what not but I feel that it is best to start with this part. Without cementing in your mind that you're going natural  everything else that I could talk about won't matter.  Once the idea of becoming natural seeps into your mind, it is best to figure out how much time you are willing to put towards your hair, how much are you willing to spend and how long do you plan to be natural. these key ideas to me are important because it will help you figure out if this  is the right choice for you. First how much time are you willing to spend on your hair? This is a question to ask yourself because everyone hair is different and every curl requires some type of special loving. This goes for if you are transitioning, or doing the BC(big chop). You will soon realize that a lot of the products that you once were able to use with your relaxed hair may not or will not work with your new curly hair. This kind of steps on the toes of the question how much are you willing to spend, but I think they go hand in hand. Simply put you will be spending lots of time learning your new hair and the same amount of time spending $$$$$$ on hair products to figure out what works for you. If you ever heard the rumor that newly naturals or naturals in general are product junkies, its true. Not because we like to spend money(granted some people like to spend $$$ on new products just to try it out) but because we are trying to figure out what will work on our hair texture. Lastly how long do you plan on being natural. I don't think this is a HUGE thing to ask yourself but it is if you are working on a lifestyle change. I think you should ask this question because it may ultimately determine how much time  you will spend learning your hair and how much money you will spend on products. if you are just cutting your hair for a style and think that once it grows back to a certain length you'll get a relaxer than i think for you its best not to worry too much about your natural hair. I am only saying this because you know that after a certain amount of time(I'm thinking a short amount like 2-4 months ) you will be getting a relaxer again. There are other things that some people consider like how they will look  with natural hair, what type of curl pattern will they have and will they even like their hair. But to me these are things that you find out once you go natural. I just hope some of the things that I pointed out will help you with your decision on whether you want to be natural or not. So with that being said Give me some input.  What was your determining  factor in going natural?
You've just been glammed !

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