To trim or Not to trim????
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To trim or Not to trim????

Hello Glammetts !
What do you do if you want to grow your hair out or if you just want to maintain the health of your hair. Some say in order for it to grow it must be cut, trimmed, shaped,etc. and then their are those who say why cut your hair if you want it to grow ,if your cutting your hair its not gonna grow. Both statements are true. I decided to grow my hair out. It was cut very short Halle Berry short and I loved it. I wanted to see how long my hair would get by my 40th birthday. at the time I started I only had 7 years to go Iam down to 5years( did i just tell my age? lol) Yes both are true! How? You ask. Let me explain its quite simple. It depends on you ! that's right ladies you. You are in control remember what goes in the body comes out the body, I know some things we cannot control like genetics or hormonal imbalance or taking certain types of medication can also play a factor. OK so if your like me and started from a short hair cut there is no need to cut  your hair you can just let it grow depending on if you are a creative person as your hair grows out you can try different ways to style your hair but if not than once you hair grows long enough were you can shape it into a style than do so. As long as you keep minimal heat to your hair or even if you can get away with no heat thats even better. Your hair will continue to grow out healthy. Do keep in mind that hair goes through three phases,  a growing phase, transitioning phase and a resting phase. This is what is different among everyone you and a friend can start with the same exact hair cut and grow your hair out at the same time do everything the same but one of your hair will seem like its growing faster than the other one and that is not the case it just that yall are not going through the phases at the same time while one is in a growing phase the other is in a resting phase. or a transitioning phase. I shampoo my hair or iI should say cleanse my hair every week I shampoo once a month just to remove any product build up from my hair and I always always deep condition every week and a treatment every other month. So far my hair is still in its growing phase. No cutting was required after 2 years. Because off no cutting my hair is longer so there for i started to use curling irons and flat irons to style my hair since it is longer I am trimming my hair and that is because i put heat to my hair and I do not want to get split ends. Split ends is another topic but no matter what product out there says it gets rid of split ends this is not true not true at all it can mend them but that is only a temporary fix. You must cut them off in oder for your hair to grow healthy. I hope this has help answer some questions and if not please comment on the blog or if you like to submit pictures of you growing your hair out  please email them to me and i would love to post them on the blog. Pics soon to come of my growing process!
You've just been glammed!

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